Hey guys, I got an idea!

So believe it or not, but I play games better when I’m drunk. I’m also a better person in general, which I’m not all too happy about, but that’s an entirely different topic.

Now I got this idea, and it could be either hilarious or incredibly stupid… drunk gaming guys?

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I give you, Spuxy!

Hello again guys! I’ve recently announced my shuper-shecret project and it’s content, and it’s a Podcast! Yes, like we didn’t have a million of those already…

But I’m proud to say that youtube’s finally processed my video, and it’s up and running for anyone to watch!

You can watch my video right here! Click it. I mean like really, click it.  And I really hope that you guys will give me some input in regards to my horrible accent and bad pronunciation.

Let’s Review…

So things are going to go down differently for those of you who still come by this wasteland, now don’t let the apocalyptic part of the blog scare you. But let’s go through what’ll change!

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An “official” apology!

So some of you still come through this wasteland, huh? Well I feel like a d*** for not delivering to you! So I’ll make it up to you, what’ya say? ;D

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This blog is a Monstrosity!

So yeah, you guessed it! I suck. But hey, so does the company that’s assembling my computer. But yeah since my ‘Brutal Mutations‘ post was actually somewhat interesting, I’ll be reposting a similar draft I made a month ago regarding Monstrosity.

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Rumors of SWTOR Closed Beta (this weekend!)

So as rumors go, they’re saying that there’s a possibility that the Closed Beta will launch this weekend. Fingers crossed that I’m allowed to test this game, if not, I’ll just have to wait for next year.

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Brutal Mutations

Ahoy! So given some very good discussion on WHA regarding the Warhammer Online class, the Marauder, I thought I’d give my 40 pence regarding how to revamp the current Brutality tree.

If you’re not interested in neither the game or the career, then no need to read the full article!

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